Not even a single day passes by when someone on internet is not looking for a way to hack a facebook account. Almost everyone is interested in hacking someone’s account. That basically is caused by various reasons that may include the followings:

  • Trying to recover the password of own facebook account because getting it back otherwise is very hard
  • Curiosity to know that what someone is doing on his facebook account
  • Trying to get the password of young ones to have a closer eye on  their facebook activities to ensure their safety
  • To show off the computer and hacking skills to friends

These are just few of the reasons that why people want to hack facebook accounts of others but there can be various other reasons. If you ask someone that why he is interested in hacking a FB account, he will simply reply that he just want to recover his own password but it is not true all the times. The biggest reason of hacking someone’s account is curiosity to know him better and to know his online activity. It usually happens between couples who do not trust each other. If you do not trust someone, having access to all his private messages, pictures and videos can tell you a lot about him.

Looking for a Facebook Hack Tool:

Hacking someone’s account is illegal everywhere so you will not find many people talking about it. So in such scenarios when you have to hack into someone’s FB account, you may try to search an easy to use hack tool that can help you to gain access to someone’s account. Although, these days there are huge numbers of hack tools available online that may brag about being the best and most effective ones but most of these tools are just useless. You have to be very careful in your selection of the right tool than can really get you access to your desired or targeted facebook account.

We have observed that there are huge numbers of people online who are trying hard to get to a reliable hacking tool that can help them to conveniently get into someone’s account. After careful considerations we have decided to offer our expertise to such people. All thanks to our professional and dedicated team members who we have successfully created such an application that can offer you 100% results for hacking anyone’s facebook account. We have kept the application very simple and easy to use so that our users do not have to face any problem when they are using it.

Unique Features of Our FB Hacking Tool:

Our facebook hacking tool has some unique features that have contributed well in its successful running. Some of the unique features of our tool are as mentioned below:

  • It can offer 100% results each time you use it
  • It is currently available to use without any limitations
  • It is completely undetectable
    • It is an online version so there is no need to download anything from the site
    • The facebook hacking process may take about 2-3 minutes
    • Free proxy

Built-in VPN Support and many more.

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  1. Mohammad Kuldanob Post author

    Thanks admin, this tool has always been fastest facebook account hacker! and 98.4% success rate is unbeatable high!

    I always wondered, did you had any legal problems? I mean you are giving everyone chance to hack any account of the world’s largest social network! that’s cool dude! keep up the great work!

    1. admin Post author

      haha I understand what you mean man :)

      Well, I’m not displaying my information here so it’s hard for anyone or almost impossible for anyone to track me down ;)

  2. Lee Hong Post author

    Admin, thanks for this great update, maybe in the future versions you can include a feature where we import a list of accounts we want to hack and then the hacking tool automatically hacks them all and then we download the list of hacked account data? :)

    1. admin Post author


      That would be hard as it takes a lot of resources of server to hack an account, and hacking multiple accounts for every visitor will probably burn the server lol.

      I will think about this and if I find a better solution or an advanced queue system I will implement that as well. :)

      Thanks for suggestion.

  3. jacob Post author


    I entered in my facebook profile URL and boom it shows me my password! I would never thought facebook would allow such low security measurements!

  4. pokemon221 Post author

    Thanks for another cool update!

    I wonder if there is a way to secure our own accounts somehow? lolz, because one of my friend found this website and I don’t want him to hack my account lol :D :)

    1. admin Post author


      This tool uses javascript, so make sure you got javascript enabled on your browser, if its a modern browser (like Chrome) it should have javascript enabled by default.

      Let me know if you got other problem, will be online for next 30 mins or so ;)

      1. Ashley Post author

        Ahh wow I was using internet explorer and probably that’s why it wasn’t working for me..

        Anyway I’m on chrome now and I think it works for me, but it asks to complete a survey, can i get account data without this survey?

        1. admin Post author

          Well, those surveys are advertisement, it isn’t cheap to keep this site live, hookedfacebook hacks thousands of profiles every single day so there are high costs involved. I need to somehow cover those costs that’s why I have to display those surveys before allowing users to see the password.

          They are super easy actually, it shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes to complete a survey and view the password :)

          Let me know if you have any problems with surveys

          1. Ashley Post author

            Ah yeah I didn’t thought about costs involved.

            You were right, I completed a survey in less then 3 minutes actually lol, and the password worked just fine!


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